Tim Morley spent 3 years as crew aboard LEANDER from 1997 to 2000. At the time the most respected luxury yacht in the world, and the most expensive to charter. The British owner of the yacht enjoyed ties with the Royal Navy.

Tim Morley on yacht LEANDER

Coming ashore as a broker in Monaco in 2000, Tim Morley was a frequent visitor to Moscow from 2000-2005 as a charter broker employee with Fraser & Insull.

Tim Morley yacht broker in Moscow

Tim Morley created Morley Yachts in 2005, based in Antibes on the Cote d'Azur.

Morley Yachts advertised on yacht

Early charters booked included DRUMBEAT, FLORIDIAN, PARSIFAL III, TITAN & PERSEUS.

Yacht Drumbeat chartered via Morley Yachts
Yacht FLORIDIAN chartered via Morley Yachts
Yacht PARSIFAL III chartered via Morley Yachts
yacht TITAN chartered via Morley Yachts
Yacht PERSEUS chartered via Morley Yachts

Monaco Grand Prix events have been a constant feature of the Morley Yachts business, with many new clients as a result of successful event organising.

Monaco Grand Prix charters via Morley Yachts
Morley Yachts first office

Morley Yachts also specialised in yacht charter for the Cannes Film Festival, the most memorable being the SS DELPHINE charter by FashionTV, since the FTV client became Tim's future wife!

Yacht SS DELPHINE chartered via Morley Yachts
Fashiontv ftv party on yacht DELPHINE
Tim Morley and Nahtalie with Captain Kai

Whole-ship charter of cruise ships became a speciality for private charters and events.  Here OCEAN COUNTESS was chartered for an event in Dunkirk.

Whole ship charter of cruise ship OCEAN COUNTESS in Dunkirk

Morley Yachts has been an exhibitor at the Cannes Boat Show, promoting marinas as well as yachts for sale and charter.  Our expertise in berth sales grew.

Morley Yachts stand at Cannes Boat Show Festival de Plaisance

From superyachts to a beautiful wooden lobster boat LANGOUSTINE was sold by Morley Yachts then refit.

Mostas wooden boat LANGOUSTINE sold via Morley Yachts

Morley Yachts identified an opportunity to be involved in an important new marina development project, and opened an office in Tunisia in 2009

Nathalie Morley in Carthage

The charter and sales business continued with deals on large and high quality yachts like GO, ELENA & DARLINGS DANAMA

yacht GO chartered via Morley Yachts
yacht ELENA chartered via Morley Yachts
Yacht DARLINGS DANAMA chartered via Morley Yachts

Costs of keeping yachts in Tunisia were highly attractive compared to France and Italy, and Morley Yachts helped owners relocate, offering management of yachts in Tunisia such as AMORZINHO.

AMORZINHO in Tunisia, Cap Bon

Morley Yachts won the contract to manage the new marina in Djerba and set up operations.

Marina Houmt Souk in Djerba managed briefly by Morley Asset Management
Antoine Capstick in Tunisia

The much larger marina in Bizerte, which had been no more than a plan on paper when Morley Yachts moved to Tunisia, began to take shape.

Marina Bizerte construction underway

Revolution struck Tunisia in 2010, and the Morley family together with employee Matthew Taylor were forced to evacuate back to Antibes.

Matthew Taylor working for Morley Yachts in Tunisia

Working with HSBC bank on repossession of yachts, Morley Yachts was able to recover FLYING TEAPOT, deliver her back from Tunisia to Antibes, and successfully sell her to a new owner for the bank.

Comar 62 Flying Teapot sold via Morley Yachts

Morley Yachts maintained a presence in Tunisia after the revolution, and helped visiting yachts like these two  Riva Rivales. The boat behind is CHAMS, which Morley Yachts eventually sold in 2015.

Riva Rivale boats assisted in Tunisia

Morley Yachts moved to Monaco in January 2012, and continued with successful charter transactions on BATON ROUGE & TELEOST.

Yacht BATON ROUGE chartered via Morley Yachts
yacht TELEOST chartered via Morley Yachts

Again seeing the opportunity to innovate, Morley Yachts pioneered the idea of an auction for yachts in a refined manor, and single-handedly arranged the first Prestige Yacht Auction. A catalogue of 37 yachts were auctioned at the Antibes Yacht Show, with a live TV link to a bidding room in Monaco.  We uncovered rare Riva yachts, as well as auctioning large iconic yachts like the 78m SS DELPHINE.



Riva classic boat for Prestige Yacht Auction organised by Morley Yachts
Prestige Yacht Auction marketing by Morley Yachts

Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr and Tim Morley were the focus of the media as well as large crowds on the day of the auction, and the 77m LONE RANGER was sold to a bidder via the live link with the Monaco private bidding room on the Star Deck.

Cornette de Saint Cyr and Tim Morley at Prestige Yacht Auction organised by Morley Yachts
yacht LONE RANGER sold via Morley Yachts Prestige Yacht Auction

Morley Yachts has continued to broker a whole ship charters on cruise ships, including Seabourn SPIRIT.

whole ship charter of cruise ship SEABOUR SPIRIT via Morley Yachts

Morley Yachts represented the buyer of the 68m Lürssen KISMET, now called GLOBAL.

Yacht KISMET was sold via Morley Yachts representing the buyer, now renamed GLOBAL

Helicopter integration into yachting has become an area of expertise with the help of Nigel Watson.

Nigel Watson helicopter specialist

David Jakabovic joined Morley Yachts and has become a valuable part of the team as a charter and sales broker.

David Jakabovic is a broker at Morley Yachts

Morley Yachts has 18 months experience developing yacht new-construction projects with partners in Monaco, London, Germany and Holland. The projects became so complex we developed a special database to deal with it... we call it Magellan.

Tim Morley yacht broker in Monaco

2016 sees more pioneering with a new ship charter for the Monaco Grand Prix, with Chinese guests.

We have arranged successful charters in the Maldives and Thailand. including the two vessels below, both of which the clients found to be fantastic in terms of both the yachts and the crew.

2016 saw lots of good sales and charter activity:

Tim Morley took on the challenge of responding to the town of Antibes invitation to tender for the exploitation and management of the port of Antibes for the next 25 years.  It involved a huge investment of time and money, which Morley Yachts took on it's shoulders.  There were five bids submitted to the town and Morley Yachts was not successful, but time will tell what will come from the work done on this challenging project.

2017 starts with the charter of 108m SEADREAM, and another large yacht sale, over 50m in length. We look forward to working on more charter and sales, as well as yet more pioneering and innovation in the yacht market... watch this space!


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